Retopology flow help

Hi guys,

Been trying this for hours now. Can anyone suggest a good way for this? I know being tidy isn’t always necessary but I hate it when it gets all over the place. It’s for a hard surface design, subsurf level 2.

Here’s the piece…

And here’s the mess I’ve made haha…


What is that MeshLint tool you have there? It isn’t detecting your ngons!


that picture wasn’t supposed to get posted… I’ll come back and try to help you in a bit.

Hey thanks I appreciate it!

I only use the meshLint manually so it will detect them but only when i press the check button

I just went and checked out that MeshLint, and now I have it set up. :smiley:

Are those indentations in that block supposed to be at a specific angle?

Hi. I think it was about 45 degrees if i remember but the angle isnt that important

Okay. I was trying a few different ways to redo it with a neater result, but so far I haven’t been very successful. I’m still working on it.

Its a tough one isnt it. It was made from boolean opperations and i thought i would keep it as is. But there were too many ngons and i know people say recently that ngons are ok on flat surfaces but im old fashioned and want clean topology. Besides i think it looks better with a subsurf, no need to bevel.

The hardest part is where the indents are closer to the edge.

Yes this is a tough one, but I thought it would be something to practice my skills with.

Instead of trying to fix your mesh I started over so that i could try a few different approaches. I ended up continuing with what you see in those images in my earlier post. right now I have this:

Here you go, newcomer. The amount of poly’s isn’t the same as yours but I think it will server as a nice reference for topology.

.blend file.

If you’re going to use subsurf to get the rounded edges, then I think I’m close to getting something nice and neat for you…

EDIT: Ognjen beat me to it! I still think I can get a lower poly count though.

Wow they both look good!! Im at work so cant see the blend file yet but it looks great. I have a love/hate relationship with retopology. Ognjen i notice some tri’s in yours i think? Am i right in thinking that as long as the flow of loops is ok then tris wont effect rendering times?

Tris alone won’t effect rendering time. But yeah there are two tris in there, but you can fix them easily. Note that this is un-necessary since it doesn’t effect the shape of the object when it’s being SubSurf-ed and by fixing them you’d have to add more edge loops which in turn would create more geometry that would slow your render time in-significantly in this case.