Retopology from Point Clouds

Dear Blender Community,

I would like to model using some Point Clouds as the base to do some modeling and retopolgy in Blender.

So start with I use photogrammetry SW which generates a very good PLY with point clouds.

Then I move it to Meshlab to remove unnecessary points and eventually sample the file to reduce the points.

In meshlab vertices have color information as seen below.

(I do not use Poisson surface reconstruction in MeshLab as it never does nice enough work, I prefer to retopology manually in Blender or build surfaces using the plugin point cloud skinner plugin on small areas one piece at a time.)

My problem is that when I load the Points Cloud in Blender all vertices color information gets lost and it is very difficult to use it as all vertices are orange and I miss a lot of visual clues to retopoly on top of the points cloud.

Does anyone know how to get points/vertices to display with their color in Blender ?

Or generally if there is a good work flow to retopology from point clouds that someone can share that would be great.

Thanks for the help.

Really no input ? The key problem is to keep the vertex color information from MeshLab in Blender…