Retopology is different in 2.71

Just got around to doing some retopology in the latest release of Blender. Vertices now snap to the mouse when they’re translated. This is VERY different from the old behavior of vertices simply snapping to the surface of a sculpt relative to the viewing angle.

Is there a new setting in 2.71 that enables / disables this behavior?

If you are talking about face snapping, it snaps vertices like before, to the surface.

Hi Joel with your name I thought you would like this behavior… JK. I see what you are saying but I think it’s intentional (and I like it). If your mouse is over a target and you hit G selected/active vertex will jump to your mouse position, but if your mouse is NOT over a snap target then the vertex will move with G as it used to. (If you select with mouse of course there’s not an issue at all or any difference from before.) Once it has snapped to the mouse you can still drag it to where you want it, so isn’t it a little quicker this way? It certainly saves some drag time for me…

Make sure you enable -both- those buttons :

This way, the vertices will not suddenly jump to the mouse cursor during retopo.
Without enabling both buttons, the vertice jumping is really bad for dealing with precision.

Sanctuary, that was it. I’ve always enabled those both before as a matter of habit, so I must have disabled it somehow. Years in and I’m still learning new things about the interface. Pitiful :slight_smile: