Retopology of CAD ( Hard Surface, has small amount of electronics )


  1. What is the type of project? Modeling/Retopo
  2. Are you a company or individual? Individual
  3. What kind of designer are you looking for? Fairly experienced Modeler who knows topology ( the more experienced the easier it is for you :stuck_out_tongue: )
  4. What is the deadline? I’d say max a week.
  5. Description of the project. It’s NDA so I can’t tell much about it, but it would not be harder to model than a computer case. Assistance might be given ( e.g. another guy could do half of it ).
  6. What is the budget? Probably under $100 ( I will redirect you to the guy who needs it so you can make a deal )

TEMPORARY CLOSED ( Interviewing ).

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Hello! I do retopology. Feel free to hit me up and ask me for a portfolio if you need.

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