Retopology - Optimization

The topology of this model is not good. How can it be optimised? I’m not good at head retopologizing. So pls take a look

Reaper2.blend (7.61 MB)

I think you are actually doing a pretty good job. The head mesh may be a little too dense. Some things to consider:

  1. Uncheck ‘x mirror’ in the mesh options.
  2. Add a mirror modifier, ‘with clipping’
  3. Turn on surface snapping (the magnet see arrow in image)
  4. focus on square squads, not rectangles, smooth edge flow.

This is your scene, with the above changes and an idea for edge flow on the head. Good luck.

Blend on dropbox

This is an idea to think about for the face shield. Instead of a pinching the edges into a uv sphere pole in the center, you redirect using 2 tri poles (green) like a poly sphere. Basically you change the flow from circular to a square shape.

Cool!! Thankss. But one thing: how do you come up with these good topologies? I’ve put my mind into figure out the fittest topology but still…

  1. Practice
  2. Looking at other’s work of good topology
  3. Practice

When you look at a high poly sculpt, try and visualize, (or even draw in photoshop) the major edge flows. Cylindrical parts (Arms / legs) it will be pretty obvious. loops flowing with and perpendicular to the cylinder. As for human/animal faces there is known good topology (loops around eyes, mouth …) on something like this, try and sketch out you major edge flows and model them first, as low poly as possible, and then you figure out how to redirect the flows to meet up in an all quad mesh. This means finding your poles, the general rule is to use 5-poles and tri-poles and avoid 5+ poles and n-gons. By doing the flows low poly at first you give your the option later to add loop cuts in order to make the vert counts match up.

Here are your major edge flows sketched out.

And did I mention practice? You’re doing a really good job, just keep going.

So practice is the key after all! There’s just no way around it! Thanks!!!
Oh your works are awesome!

Thanks! This is a great little character. Keep going!

I’ve finished the model. But it stills looks unclean enough. I believed it could be better but I dont know how :(. Could you have a look?

I have to delete some of the lines because of vetex mismatch when it came to joining. Managed to finish the model but topology stills look messy.
Reaper.Latest.blend (7.59 MB)

This thread is a little old but it gives a lot of sound information on topology:

Overall I think it’s good. It will work for whatever you have planned next, unwrapping, rigging, etc…

2 notes:

  1. The centerline is not all fused on x=0. Select the entire center line, alt right click and hit g x. Move them left and right a little until the mirror clipping snaps them and holds them on x=0

  2. Open the tools panel (hit t) In edit mode, deselect all verts and go to the menu, Select menu, ‘faces by sides’ and in the menu on the left (in tools panel) keep the number at 4, and change it to ‘not equal to’ this will select all faces that don’t have 4 sides (quads) you have 5 faces (all on hands) that are ngons mostly iwth 5 sides. It’s going to be tough but try and rework the faces to make them quads.

Since you say it’s ok, I’ll keep it as it is and move on :slight_smile:

Believe this table is somehow incredibly helpful. But it seems complicated for me (I’m an idiot). Can you explain it to me? :frowning: