Retopology Tools

Retopology tool is a tab designed for retopology on Blender.

I put all the usefull tools and properties I use every day on my retopology work.

You can put in the retopology category Tab all scripts you use like the Iceking’s Addon, contour tool, Bsurface and other tools.

For that, it is simple, you just need to change the bl_category = “Tools” to bl_category = “Retopology” if you want.

Like that, I have a Tab only for retopology.

I have made a video to show the workflow and the tools, it’s in french, sorry for that, but you can understand easilly with the video ^^

To work faster without scrolling and to not have modify the other Addons category
I have made a B version of this script with direct buttons of the Iceking’s Tool, Bsurface and automirror.

You need to have installed the iceking’s Addon, Bsurface and auto mirror.

Iceking >

auto mirror >
Bsurface >

Enjoy !



Thanks for sharing your workflow :slight_smile:

Merçi Cédric (j’ai cru un instant que l’add-on de cgcoockie était devenu gratuit mais ton panneau est très utile).
Bon blend!

L’addon est gratis en fait, il est sur leur Ghitub :wink:
Tu paie si tu veux aider le développement.

Excuse moi @pitiwazou ,

Tu parles de l’add-on de CGCoockie “Contours Retopology Tool” sur le Github???
Sur leur site il est toujours à vendre 35 dollars, non?

Je sais bien que ton add-on est gratuit mais je parlais de celui de CG Cookie!

EDIT: Ha yes! tu as raison en effet:
Merçi du tuyau.:yes:

Thanks for putting this together.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Useful development you have here. You know, I think I’d personally rather have this Retopology Tools tab on the toolbar by default than the Create Objects tab on the toolbar. I hope someday the Toolbar tabs will be customizable, to reduce one’s unused tabs and allow such a custom setup. Thanks for sharing.

@pitiwazou: nice compilations man, and the vid, wish you’d do one in english :), or maybe sub that video.

I too would like to ask, even beg, for an English language or subbed video!

You can activate automatic subtitles with this button using the speech recognition tech from google :

But automatic subtitling is the same as automatic translating with google, you can often end in “odd” results, even more if someone way of talking is difficult for the subtitling program to deal with.
I remember when i enabled it in one of the blender conference video from last year, couldn’t stop laughing at what the automatic subtitles was doing.

But in some case it can work good enough for understanding.

My speaking should be worth than the automatic translating hu hu hu :smiley:

For you and for testing, I put subtittles ^^

It’s not perfect, that demand a lot of time, but you can understand what I say now :smiley:

I hope you like it :wink:

It looks very nice here, but when I try to install these addons I get an error:

Any idea?

I got a qestion .
when I use this great addon and then I save the file .
I open the file to continue retopology ,and I use “the Srinkwrap Update” or “Sculpt Mesh” than I got an error:Not Active Link Mesh!
anyone the same? or plz tell me how to set the Mesh Link Back .thanx you all

Very useful tool!
Great & fast workflow!
Thx for that!

B3b artist, have you copy the text or download the .py ?

For the link of the shrinkwrap update, like iceking said, you need to select the ref, the retopo mesh and clic on “setup retopo mesh”.

Hy pitiwazou!

I made a custom version of your great Retopology Tool.
There will be some changes in the UI and more included functions.
I hope it will be useful…See here:

…will it be good for the Trunk?

@mkbreuer link not work :frowning: // now ok! Thank you!

This is really great mkbreuer !

I will use your code and update my ghitub.

The HIWR is the hidden wire, so we can delete the second.
If anyone have some ideas, don’t hesitate :wink: