Retopology, what tool and workflow is better?

Hey there!
I have a love/hate relation with topology. Over the past few years I have struggled to find a workflow and app I feel at home with, still havent really.

I am wondering what other people use and especially a workflow they can recommend.

Just today I realized that Topoflow is free so I am going to give that one a try.

So, any good recommendations out there?

It looks like RetopoFlow 3 is the way to go. I haven’t used it but it looks comprehensive.

I have tried Retopology with the Poly Build tool using snapping, and also the F2 add-on using snapping and the shrinkwrap modifier from methods I learned with YouTube video tutorials. Jayanam made the Poly Build tutorial; I think FlippedNormals made the F2 tutorial vid, but I’m not sure. It looks like One Man Army Studios made a vid just on F2.