Hey guys. So i sculpted a face for the first time in my life. Then using the face snap and shrinkwrap I retopologized it. Now I would like to snap all the vertices once again using the face snap, but the problem is if I try to select all the vertices and move them it gives weird results. And to do it one at a time is impossible. So is there a proper way of snapping all the vertices at once to the high poly mesh?
And also is there an addon which automatically retopologizes for you?

after trying several retopo method available in blender.
I use draw xray ( with snaping option ) addon ( very competitive pricing ), along with addon f2, and operators like extrude to cursor, grid fill, insert edge loop etc, it gives me great result.
the snapping problem is taken care of automatically.

for complex organic mesh I would hand retopo key edge loop and fill the gaps in between, for hard surface I would go with zbrush Zremesher, or blender quad remesher (same creator).

till blender has a better shading option for retopo, this works the best in my workflow.
also, there is retopoflow 3.0 and topogun 3.0 to look forward to, if you have some extra $.

Thank you so much. Will definitely look into these options.