retopology !

i started blender,deleted the cube,added a sphere,tabbed in edit mode,turned on retopo,selected pen,started drawing,used eclipse line as well.
pressed enter.:evilgrin:
nothing happpened :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

aaaaaaaaa! ####### !:frowning:

did i miss out something?

i was in top view and i tried hiding and showing the faces behind. i cud see a pentagon created in the middle of the sphere but thats not i want.i use blender 2.49a


Delete cube, add sphere, add plane, tab into edit mode, delete all vertices, turn on retopo, select pen, start drawing topology.

thats the other method im not talking about that. :frowning:

cant i change the totpology of mesh im working on.i found this on blender wiki…


The way I’ve described is the way Retopo works. A mesh cannot (as far as I know) target itself. However, if you combine this with CTRL-J to join objects, you can create new retopo-ed patches and join them back in with the original object.