Retrieve data from a database

I wonder if my question came at the right place.
I am looking for a 3D program, and wonder if Blender is the right program to look at

The program must meet the following requirements.
The last point is perhaps the most difficult to solve.

  1. First I would like to draw a room or many rooms in 3D, In any scale, like a house.
    (Many 3D-program can do that - no problem.)

  2. After I have a room in scale, I would like to create objects that shelves, tables and boxes to put in the room. (Many 3D-program can do that - no problem)

2a. It would be great if it was easy to convert images to 3D objects in same scale, but not required.

It is not important that the dimensions on the room and the boxes is correct, only the proportions.

  1. This desire is more difficult to describe.
    Maybe I have names of all objects created in point two, above (or I know where they are located)
    Another application or database is containing the information about each object. (eg what color the box should have - the color can change with time)

Are my desires difficult to meet ?

Regards Jan

The solution is already at your fingertips :wink:

Blender files are in fact structurized as database objects. You can have an inside look through the outliner window like in this example showing the partial data of one mesh edge only:

You may access and manipulate all the data via a Python API.