Retro Arcade

Product rendering created for Boneco Games with Eevee, Gimp and Inkscape.

I believe that real-time engines will become a new standard for many sectors of digital art, maybe even blockbuster movies. Render time are extremelly low so it’s possible to spend more time with post-production features.

I ve started thinking that 15 years ago. And guess what. Everybody in the cg industry was laughing at me…
Perhaps time is coming now.
I hope…

People won’t laught at you anymore. NVIDIA already declared real-time engine support with their new RTX product’s. Unreal is already in use with some VFX companies for pre-compositing at same moment as the scene is shot, some games can already use real-time option and I’m quite sure next-gen gaming will be develop using this tech. This is the time that Blender can shine as a high-end production software with the big companies. I hope so.
Check out this video, it’s insane: