Retro Blaster

This is my latest project, Retro Blaster. Its first scifi weapon I have ever made!

Theres also a indepth Behind the Scenes article at Blender Nation

I started by watching intresting designs from pinterest, after that I started blocking silhouette with basic shapes. When I had silhouette I was satisfied with I started to flush out shapes in more detail, gradually adding subdivs and support loops.

Design is inspired by Fallouts retro future, guess something like this could be found in post-apocalyptic future!

Updated high-res renders:

All critique much appreciated, I am pretty satisfied myself and probably therefore blind to things which to improve on.

Look really nice. Great job on the modeling & textures.

I really like the metal cables on it. How did you go about making those?

Awesome work! I am curious about the cables as well, really great result!

Wow, amazing job! I love the design!

The only issue I see with it is the placement of the grunge.
I see scratches on the flat surfaces, but not a whole lot on the corners, it should be the other way around. Scratched edges, and cleaner flat surfaces. Also if you add in a very dark layer of dirt, it makes a HUGE difference.

I hope that will help, good luck on the next project! :smiley:

Looks like That Gun meets a plasma pistol meets a taser. Cool texturing job and model.

Your idea of retro makes me feel really old :frowning: nice texturing!

The white part is overlaping, but everything else looks pretty awesome, very borderlands like

Looking good.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Cables are curve paths which have been then given depth and after that converted to meshes and unwrapped. After that I basicly just created procedural texture with wave texture node, used that as mixer in few nodes and generated bump map from that to make the effect that wires have depth. If you guys want I can post node tree later on!

Special thanks to ferratank for awesome critique, you are absolutely right. Here’s two new high res renders after I fixed issues you pointed out.

Wow! really fantastic modelling and magnificent texturing especially :slight_smile:

Personally I think you could go even farther if you added dirty smuggy fingerprints like the white tape on the handle has been heavily used… sort of like hockey stick tape with extensive use.

That’s a good point. Unless it’s brand new tape that would be the dirtiest part of the gun. So I’d say either do that ^ or, model a fresh roll of tape right next to the gun :smiley:

Ah yes, so much better! I am happy you took my advice :smiley:

It’s funny, you can tell a whole story through grunge. It is exactly like adding words to a book. When the reader reads the grunge, they can tell how long it’s been used, how it was treated, how it was used etc…

I would also add scratch marks from the cable rubbing against the metal body.

For example, here is cable rub on a mountain bike.

Heres few more renders with some updates to taping and other shaders :slight_smile: Last one is pov test

ferrettank: yeah, it could definetely add some more realism.

Great Work! :slight_smile:

Some nice details and texturing!

Good work.

man this is excellent! sorry for my ignorance you can solve a question?

the last image is your model on a default enviroment of Unreal Engine? or is the original game, I never play Fallouts.

Maze? shoulders.

Excellent work man!

Thanks again for the kind words! Appreciate it!

Last image is just a photoshop, used crysis screenshot as base and added my weapon pov render on the top of it with some compositioning in order to fit it in :slight_smile: