Retro Flashlight

so, I finally finished this project - took several weeks, working on it on-and-off…

this is basically a 3D version of a flashlight I bought in an antiques store a little over a year ago. It can come apart into several different pieces, and each one in this render is modelled to match the original as close as possible. took almost ten minutes to render, and I was working with 2.5, so imagine rendering in 2.49b :stuck_out_tongue:

“”“EDIT - how do we get DeviantART thumbnails to work in here? i don’t want to link the whole, huge image… - EDIT”""

Retro Flashlight on DeviantART
Retro Flashlight on Flickr

resolution is 1280x960, btw

also, the batteries’ labels were created using my very first image texture, created entirely in GIMP, with a few scans of the actual text when I couldn’t get it to work properly in GIMP. also created a Normal Map for the end cap (the thing that says Satellite) using a scan as reference.

comments would be totally welcome :smiley:

Really well done meshweaver, I really like the batterys. :slight_smile: Congrats.

thanks a lot Inferno :smiley: the batteries are one of my faves as well…