Retro Futuristic Suburb

Hi everyone! So I have this scene below, I feel it’s nearly done but I’d like to hear other’s opinion about it. Other than smaller mistakes like the misaligned tiles on the far right, what do you think? What could be improved? Thank you for your suggestions!


I really liked the colors/mood of your scene.
For more realism you could try:
1- Displacing the sand around the geometries where they meet it.
2- Leaks from the roofs repeating too much. Try to break the pattern.
3- Hose meets the ground too soon. Feels like there should be more curvature. Something like this:

Have you used an HDRI for background lighting? If not, then try using that. I can’t see a prominent light source or the sky. Once the background is set, for example, a hot sunny day, then you can color grade this image to add more yellows. Please ignore if you have already considered this…

You could stick solar panels on the roof of the house.

@filibis 1 - The sand is actually displaced, I’ll try to increase it’s value and see how that looks.
2 - True, I’ll look for more brushes and add some more variety.
3 - That indeed looks weird, like it’s rigid, thanks for pointing that out.

@Shaishav007 Yes the light is from a sky HDRI. I heavily post processed the image so maybe it lost some of it’s detail. Here is the render before any post processing

@humanartist I could and it also makes me think what other objects would make the scene more lively :thinking:

Thank you for all the input, I really appreciate it!