Retro hi-fi system


Feedback needed :wink:

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Hello, for about a week I’ve been working on this thing:

From what I was able to establish from little information I’ve found, it was designed by the famous Hartmut Esslinger.
I’ve already modeled key components I wanted (amplifier, cassette deck, turntable) but they still need some tweaks and details.
My main goal here is to make this as photo-realistic(-ish) as I can - and more on that below…

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The speakers are Canton GL 260


Turntable still needs some things to be added

And what I’m currently struggling with is making look everything look believable. Also I’m pondering about the final setting for the whole thing. Should I stop on simple studio renders or try to prepare some suiting interior for example. :thinking:
Any feedback is very welcome!! :worried:

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The model is great, very accomplished :slight_smile:
If you want it to look real, put it in an environment, add good lighting contrast, dust particles, some subtle wear in concrete parts …
Especially a good natural environment lighting.