Retro iPhone Concept

I’ve just recently completed my most recent project! It was a lot of work over 27 consecutive days, our largest project to date. Ultimately, the project totaled 33,362 files spread across 157 folders, amounting to 38 GB’s of data.

I wanted to share some renders of the iPhone 7 model, some of which are not in the final film. I spent a fair bit of time on this, and wanted to show it off more. The concept for it is that it’s an iPhone built on old 80’s technology, but which has the same functions as modern phones; for example, you can purchase apps for the phone, but they come on floppy disks instead of instant downloads.

A big thanks to Chris Kuhn (KuhnIndustries) on Blend Swap for his Controls and Gizmos .blend, very useful and I highly recommend his products!

You can download the iPhone 7 here on Blendswap:

Also, thanks again to everyone who participated in the WIP thread! Your comments and suggestions were very appreciated!

Here is the finished film!

Here are some additional images:

The floppy disks (BEFORE I added the text onto the metal guards):

A frame showing the scale of the iPhone 7

And finally another shot from the film, showing the iPhone 6, aka, “iPhone mini”

All laughing aside, this time, all your elements for this project turned out great.

LOL. Outstanding work here!!!

Absolutely amusing stuff. Well done. And I like the idea of the 80s iPhone :slight_smile: … made me laugh

Anthony C - Thanks, again! I’m hoping to get my level of ability high enough so that other talented artists, such as yourself, will be very interested in collaborating on video projects!

tc2466 - I’m glad the video made you laugh! I tried to fit as many jokes into it as I could! So far, nobody has noticed the phone number joke, though (as far as I know, at least). Can you figure it out?

minoribus - Thanks! While I was writing, I had a feeling that would be one of the main ideas that people would find interesting, so I ended up making that longest part of the video.

Well done! I think the only part I didn’t care for was the personal computing statement, it just felt out of place and to much. Besides that, everything else looks good. Looking forward to your next project!

Made me laugh!

Thanks, Acer! You’re right, that shot did break the tone of the rest of the peace a bit. Originally, the “Don’t call them PC’s” line was written to be viewed as a cut to a medium or close-up of the actor’s face. But, the shot ended up being much wider than I intended, and the delivery felt so flat, that I decided to make some changes to it to help save the joke (which ended up not feeling very funny at all in the original footage). So, that’s the story behind that shot! But I’m glad you liked the rest! I tried my best to light those ipads and iphones as well as you lit your recent Nexus tablet and Motorola phones!

Thanks, ComputerWhiz! I’ve been working on our next video for the past week or so. I’ll probably start a new WIP thread for it. Feel free to check it out and critique it if you like! It’ll basically be a GTA video with a CG supercar tracked into the footage. Keep an eye out for it soon!

very funny, I like it a lot! :smiley:

Thanks, m_squared, I’m glad you liked it! I wanted to make an Apple Parody that wasn’t like all the others I tend to see out there. Hopefully we succeeded!

lol. that was really well done and funny. Very nice Blender work. Though I noticed some trouble with 2:05-2:10 with the phone in hand. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! I like the mix of retro technology applied to a modern concept. Great work! Video is pretty funny too!

haha, that was funny! it turned out great, loved the guys face when sms typing :slight_smile: the models were very believable, and nicely put into the filmed context. great work.

Really Really GOod man

Does the iPhone 7 have a touch screen? There’s no product demo, which I think is unprofessional. What accessories are available for it? Like arm straps for running and stuff. Or a backpack for running and stuff. Maybe a spinal brace with velcro pads.

I’m thinking of upgrading. The 6 looks cool, but it’s been out for a couple of weeks.

All joking aside, awesome piece, dude. Keep going. Love your stuff.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I’m very happy to know you enjoy the video!

Frobenius.Edge - Good eye, you’re the first person to mention that! Somewhere between rendering out from After Effects and placing the layer into my Premiere sequence, something got messed up. If I were to do this again, I would have the models 3D printed and painted. Saves a ton of time and work in post!

Salokin - Thank you! I hoped my video would bring something new to the table, when there are already so many “Apple Parody” type of videos. I’m glad you liked it!

doris - Thanks! I had fun directing him, he’s actually the first “real” actor I’ve been able to wrangle for a Classy Dog video. He’s also been in an episode of the USA show “Burn Notice.” I’m very happy you enjoyed it!

sebastian556911 - Thank you, I had a lot of fun writing for this video. As I continue to make videos for my Classy Dog channel, I try to learn what people like and want to see more of. Purely comedy videos may not be as spectacular, but are much easier to produce. Visual effects videos can be very cool and exciting, but require much more technical work. This one was a little bit of both.

DorienVincent - Thank you, I’m very glad you liked it! I like your idea of arm band for jogging! A very good idea!
The iPhone 7 model actually uses the keypad for all screen navigation, just like when we had to text using the alpha-numeric keypad last decade. In future models, perhaps Apple will refine and simplify this process even further. You only get one big button for everything!

Your are brilliant. Exhume Steve Jobs for this single-button interface. Immediately.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s having to make choices. Functionality needs to be siphoned right into my eyeballs!

Alright James, top row!

Wooo! Congrats!