Retro kitchen

My first archviz project in Blender. Finalizing some shapes and starting putting together materials. Here are a couple renders:

Feedback appreciated


I really like it! I’m only just getting started too so don’t know how much my feedback means, but a few notes:

First off, love the colors and the lighting, really nice!
However, are you aiming for realism or a more stylized look? Cause now it looks more stylized (in a good way), but for realism however I think something is off, maybe the proportions?

Thank you) well, in the long run the goal is to create some stylized renders close to Miles Aldridge photography. But first I need to get as close to photorealizm as possible.
I’ll check the porportions, but materials are definitely off. Still lots of work to do)

Is it the same donut that we all came through?

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Yep) That’s the one

loving this kitchen bravo. very homie…