Retro Robot

On my very non-off-time, I’ve been playing with Blender. To this end, I decided to make a robot, partially to explore some jointing I’ve been thinking about, but mostly to, well, make a robot. I purposefully made it a bit on the angled side, as if it weren’t the most advanced of things. Then again, I also wanted it to float about, instead of wheels or legs, so there you go. It’s my robot, so I can do what I want with it!

That’s why it has a happy face on it.

For some reason, there seems to be a Rosie the Robot (Jetsons) feel to it, in a second-cousin-twice-removed sort of way.
Robot unposed (well, antannea are)
Robot waving (can see some joint detail on the waving arm)

Any thoughts?

Cute, but I would “Set smooth” all of it.

i would texturize the metal

Hmmm…I played around with smoothing for a bit, and came up with this:
Robot unposed (and smoothed)

I’ll have to think about textures, maybe look through my metal-texture library for something interesting as I tried out some noise for pitting, but was not satisfied.

Added later*
And, after playing around for a bit in my metals-texture library, I bodged together this sort of texture (thank god for nodes to help get the alphas around the happy face correctly working…)
Robot unposed (smoothed and textured)

I still have to think if I like angular or smooth better, in the first place.

Much better, but smiley is stretched.

lol, it could work at WalMart! All joking aside it looks good, very Jetsonish.

I like the joint system you used for it

Now that’s cool.

hehe, I expected a really cliche thing here… i was obviously wrong. Good work, like the metaltexture. Btw, if you’d call it “retrobot”, it’d be a lot catchier:P