Retro Sci-Fi Racer 3D

This is my version of the fantastic design by Scott Robertson, one my favourites concept designers!

Original design here:

c’mon… it is the areodynamics of this car are really dump :>

overal modeling looks good. i would work more on materials

Excellent stylized car Bruno, keep it up.
I would upload a smaller version of this to the first post so your work shows as Thumbnail in the “Finished Project” forum. This makes more ppl look :wink: … once again great stuff, more please :smiley: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments! This car is not about aerodynamics, is about “coolness” :wink:

It’s overall shape reminds me the old and incredibly aerodinamyc Jaguar E-Type

I didn’t knew that there was a correct way to post images, it will show the thumbnail now. Thanks!

When i first looked on this i was thinking. Did Mansory tuned the lamborghini Miura?

I like it.

Sure, aerodynamically it would have way to much front end downforce and no rear downforce making it extremely loose to drive, but it does look cool. Not sure what in going on with the front area, looks like a cargo bay opened up to let little race cars out.

Modeling is very clean and I think the textures look fine.

And I can’t help but think of Speed Racer when I see the round #5.

very nice :smiley:

Looks very nice. Except the red/white decals at the front - it looks like they are coated with very glossy varnish…

Scott Robertson himself approved it:


Very good modeling and materials, Bruno! The lighting shows off the curves well. I like how funky this vehicle looks, as well. Great work!