Retro TV

I’ve upgraded my elysiun status from lurker to poster. Amazing, I know.

Anyways, as my little weekend project dealie, I’ve modelled a portable television.



I would absolutely love to have some crits.

I am really liking this tv, well made and all, the only reall crits that I have is the dials/nobby things on the side that look like they meay be for changing channel and volume etc, look a little strange, not sure why, they just do. And the wall socket plugin thing (wow having trouble coming up with the names for these things today) is to silvery, looking a little big, and doesn’t really stand out.

Other than that, I am really liking this, keep up the great work

P.S. better than anything I could do right now :expressionless:

Keep on Blendering!

I think the tv itself looks allright, but the environment around it is a bit strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work.

Thanks for the input!

It’s a brand-new feeling to have other people give me feedback on the things I work on in my spare time. The feeling is wonderful and refreshing from my humdrum opinions of my own work.