RetroBoy -Space Invader

A little Imaginary Game-Console among all those PSP and Nintendo DS modells:

2 Hours work

I like how it looks :stuck_out_tongue:

Few crits though:

  1. The module doesn’t seem thick enough to support a headphone jack…
  2. I am missing the controls. I am assuming the red arrows are controls, but how do you fire? The black things? Because if so, there is no possible way to comfortly move and fire at the same time :wink:
  3. Simple unimportant thing, why does it display credits? This doesn’t cost money to play (does it?) so what is that?
  4. Stucci bump seems a wee tad extreme.
  5. There is a big 'ol line running through the left black thing. Is this on purpose? What is it for?

Other than that, looks great! (I’d but one if it’s cheap) :smiley:

Thanks for the crit’s seems like I have some things to explain…

  1. It’s not a jack, it’s a tiny speaker.
  2. The red arows are just to look good, the right black button is the Fire, and the TWO seperated left black buttons is the move buttons.
  3. Just to get the retro feeling (It’s a googled image, so I left it where it was)
  4. Yea, I’ll have to fix that
  5. Read no.2

It’s only 999$ BUY NOW!

OK, thanks for explaining. I think you should make the speaker more like the game boy speaker, with a stupid looking plastic grill over it. But that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, I only seem to have $.82, will that do?

A bit more volume in the buttons perhaps.
I’m thinking of the good old Nintendo buttons.
You have to feel the difference between the buttons and the pod.


Very nice! Looks really cool!
-Just noticed, where does the battery go? does that whole stand bit slide off?

I havn’t thought about that, but your explenation sounds good :stuck_out_tongue:

And before you guys find it… I know, there is no ON/OFF %|

So now it’s the mystical hand-held arcade game that you must charge and activate using your mind! :o
Seriously, it’s looking awesome. Be nice if it were in a scene, but that might not be what you’re going for.
btw, I have no clue whatsoever as to where you could put an on/off switch.

Just one more comment… please %| (or five)

Good basic design, but it’s too thin and the black buttons still look flat.

not bad, but still “too cg”. I don’t like the gray material, i’d make it smooth and with a bit of reflection, high hardness e high specularity. I also don’t like the red arrows.