Retrofuturistic Car

Hello to everyone! I am from Argentina and this is my first post in this forum. It’s a retrofuturistic car made by me in Blender 2.71, rendered with Cycles, 350 samples.


welcome to the site! a very strong first posting. nice job!

Love the concept, kind of a steampunk fantasy car… very nice


Great work!


That’s sweet-looking!! Great job!

Nice work and welcome to the forum!! :smiley:

You aren’t new to this, are you?

I really love the style. I could imagine your car appearing in something like the “heavy metal” movie. nice.

Very nice…

Turn the headlights on!

I’ve been using blender for about two years (Y)

great looking and original concept. The mesh and the material are really good. The car could be bit less scare from the front view and the engine a bit bigger but I guess is matter of taste :).