Retrogame Menu - Tamagotchi!

Retrogame Menu - Tamagotchi!

Hey everyone, long time no see!!

I felt cute today, as I created a fake menu for a revamped version of the Tamagotchi game for a weekly render !

I remember when I was I was in primary school these little games were all over the place, it was crazy. Did you guys remember the hype around these ?!
I decided to give it a second life, as if the game was a kind of small scale Animal Crossing :slight_smile:

A chill video to go with the render !
Music is not copyright friendly!
Animal Crossing cover by Tenpers Universe


If you want to see more, my Instagram is right below :smile:


I really love the style you went for, that sweet Animal Crossing vibe! I wish I could play it :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hey that’s a wonderful news Bart! Thanks a lot :smile:

@Miche-Miche thanks a lot dude ! <3