hey everyone
I 3d scanned half of my dogs face, mirrored it and now i’m trying to retro it now but it’s not letting me lol how should i go about joining the sides so i can retro it?

hopefully it not to stupid of a question


In mirror setting, click on “clipping”, and select half of your face and join them together

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i have clipping on i think i need to change origin point as when I mirror it to crosses over its self

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yeah, the origin must be exaclty at the mirror axes

i have decided not to mirror it i’m going to duplicate it and flip it dunno how to join it through

Hey there! Ok first gotta say it, it’s retopologize, or ‘retopo’ for short.

I know what I do in this situation, but my way is kind of clunky and a lot of manual steps. I’m interested what others do in this situation where:

  1. You have a high density scan that is not aligned well on any axis, and you want to create a mirrored retopo.
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Just some notes if it helps:

  • remember: you can move Origin independent of the mesh in Object Mode;
  • in Mirror Modifier along with Axis X and Clipping enable Bisect X and it will “delete” any extra geometry that’s “crossing over”.

retopologize ok got it haha

the problem is the scan isn’t the total half of her face it needs a gap in it where i want to fill in so i can’t bisect it might be worth getting anothe scan to do that?

so instead of starting a new topic i thought i’d show the start of my retop of my dads 3d scan any pointer? the files to big to upload here

whats the endgame? What do you plan on using these scans for?

to sculpt and 3d print :slight_smile: cheers @Magnavis

first timerr retoping a scan all or any advice needed

Well if your intent is strictly sculpting then you can just keep doing what you’re doing. Even quad topology is best for sculpting with multiresolution. But I gave you that link in case your intent was animating or setting up facial expressions.

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that link is so good though be gd to make my me dad do some funny expresions