Retrostyled concept car

My older project I worked on last year.I’ve been asked by the owner of Bricklin classic car built 1976 to create new modern version for the year 2014.I have made a sketch and I started to create 3d model,but soon my client stopped the project.Anyway last few days I searched for my unfinished 3d models and decided to finish the project by my own taste.Model was built in blender3d 2.71 with sub-d modeling technic.Final renderings were created with Simlab Composer 2014 version.For my background I’ve used free hdr image sample from website.Final image composition was created in gimp graphic software.If you like you could see more renderings of my retrodesign project on link below.:slight_smile:

clean body modelling! the rims also nice :slight_smile: