"return"key = enter?

"return"key = enter?

why do you call enter key as return key?

on a mac it’s called the return key,

Because it “returns” you to the beginning of the next line.

oh i got it

It comes from the term “carriage return” which is the lever used on manual typewriters to return the cyndrical tube which the paper was rolled onto --called a “carriage”-- back to it’s starting position and roll the paper away from you one line.

This gives the person using the typewriter both a blank line and a returns you to left side of the paper.


[on a mac the backspace key is labeled delete]

and a mac also has an F13 F14 and F15.
Anyone know what they do?

its like tornados… F13, F14 and F15 are increasingly better renders!! :o you think F12 is good…

well from what I can work out, F13 hides the cursor, and F14 and f15 change the contrast.

Sorry to spoil your fun NateTG