Return of Stargate Command

Hey guys,
Just recently got inspired to drag out the old Stargate blend and mess around with a few things. Here are some new angles and a wireframe shot. Enjoy! 8)


nice. your lighting technique really brings out the best in a blender render. you sure these are original, can you show us some screenshots of the blend file?


Sorry, i thought you may have stolen your images, because i saw some awesome ones like this rendered in POV-Ray ages ago, i just looked for them again and they are slightly different. Although they are very very similar as well :slight_smile:

But yes sorry for being suspicious


sorry forgot the link

Your joking right??? Surely the fact that these pics are similar because they are based on the same thing has occured to you? Surely?

And for the record: Natrons version is so much better than the Pov-Ray one it’s not funny…

Natron: Rock on dude :o


This is so close to perfect that I need to point this out to ya:

On the handrail there are some aliasing artefacts, try rendering the image at 4X the original size and then scale it down in photoshop.

This will also make everything else that little bit clearer too…

Thanks for the comments guys! :smiley:

Obviously they will look somwhat similar if we both based it off of the same TV show, its not like he has exlusive rights… Also, I did provide a screenshot directly from blender. :slight_smile:

You are right, I tried to correct it in Photoshop but obviously didn’t succeed. I guess you could just say I was too lazy to crank up the OSA, the rendering takes long enough as it is. :expressionless:

Keep 'em coming!


Put it like this, i missed the blender screenshot, oops. And when i looked at the picture it looked identical to me. Also because they are so perfect they do look almost identical to me. Anyway sorry, the images are great mainly because of your attention to detail.

yeah its real nice, now to get the water effect in, and the opening/closing effect with particles LOL


Just as I remember ti from your original post. Just great work and fabulous lighting.


Out of curiosity, how would you alter the Pov-Ray version to make it as good as Natron’s?

I think I like your version better than the prop one.

nice stargate … must have been a lot of work with the signs

just as i remember, absolutely stunning! the lighting, texturing and modelling is all equal and detailed, and i love that show! =D