Return of the Stick Man (Update: Now with DoF)

I just picked up blender after a long hiatus and after re reading some of the old tutorials I thought I would make a simple little project for myself. Here’s what I have so far (yes, that shadow is going past the spotlight. I guess I should change that)

Sneaking Stick

Fighter Stick

Thinker Stick

Naked Stick :o

I’m not all that happy with how the arms bend, I’ll probably have to spend some time giving the limbs some sections and then I guess try to see how the weight paint mode works to get it to look better.

Also, when doing the path animation for walking, I couldn’t change the speed curve in IPO Curve Editor. It just came up as a black line at 1.0. Not sure what I’m doing wrong there.

the .blend if anyone wants to take a look, got a couple actions and poses with his rudamentary skeleton going already.

Old version of stickguy walking

New and improved stickman:

But I seem to be having some problems with his bones, whenever i grab any part of the arm, the entire body moves. I guess it’s because of one of the parent relationships, but I’m not sure which one to change.

Right now the parent/child relationship is like this ( -> meaning ‘is a parent of’)
Pelvis -> LoBack -> UpBack -> Neck -> Head
Pelvis -> Hip.L -> UpLeg.L -> LoLeg.L
Pelvis -> Hip.R -> UpLeg.R -> LoLeg.R
UpBack -> Shoulder.L -> UpArm.L -> LoArm.L -> Hand.L
UpBack -> Shoulder.R -> UpArm.R -> LoArm.R -> Hand.R

edit: no crits/comments still :frowning:

Well, it looks alright, but there is a problem with the way you have modelled it. This is not something serious, but it is generally better to use a Circle-8 or Circle-12 and use subsurfacing rather than a hi-poly circle, such as a Circle-32. Extra edgeloops (or edge creasing) can be used to stop large curves when bending.
This will make the entire model easier to use, as there are not so many vertices in the way. It also makes actions such as joining arms to the body easier with less vertices to join.
Regarding your skeleton, I am guessing it is an IK problem. You could avoid extruding bones from the body parts and instead just use parenting. Try downloading the ‘Skinny guy’ rig and having a look at that.
You could instead download Blender 2.40, which has a new and overhauled animation system with rigging rather different.

You evil fiend you, you make me open Blender to answer n00bish questions… :smiley:

The thing of it is, I was asking the same questions no less than a month ago.

When you make the end bone into an IK solver go to the Constraints window and select ‘ChanLen.’

This sets where the IK solver will solve to.

Great work and happy Blending.

thanks for the input from both of you. I got the bones working correctly with the chain length :smiley:

I’m also doing the model over again with circle-12 and only adding extra loops where I don’t want the creases (so in the elbow, knee and a bunch in the spine so it can bend with the new b bones).

But I don’t see a new way to make armatures in 2.4, I looked at and it looks like the new things make it easier to make the left/right sides. Then there’s the b bones and hinge (not sure what the hinge’s use is).

When you say do the limbs with parenting, you mean you can have a single skeleton for multiple objects? So I would have the body be the parent of the arms and legs, and parent the armature to the body? or make seperate armatures for each limb and then parent them together?


very latest of stickman, he’s now into revision 5 (you don’t want to see the first 2 revisions :D)

Bendable spine, but he still can’t touch his toes.

I’m still having a problem with the posing the bones. I think it has something to do with the degrees of freedom constraints I put on them now. Whenever I move one of the feet backwards, the legs always bow out instead of just bending at the knee.

and somehow, i don’t think you are supposed to be able to do this with your legs

and the new .blend rarred up.

DoF table (all in relation to the default pose,which is with the arms straight out and the legs splayed)

          MinX  MaxX   MinY  MaxY   MinZ  MaxZ                                            
LoArm     0     170   -30   30      0     0  
UpArm    -30    165   -45   45     -86    86
LoLeg    -160   0      0     0      0     0
UpLeg    -30    60    -30   30     -40    75
Head     -45    45    -60   60     -90    90
Neck     -45    45    -30   30     -45    45
UpSpine  -15    85    -30   30     -30    30
LoSpine  -30    95    -30   30     -45    45