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The last time I used blender, elysiun was the name of this forum lol. Anyways i need a lil bit of help. Im running an acer laptop right now while i build my new toaster. Anyway i like to dual screen since i got my new shiny LCD screen. Anyways i was wondering A. If there is a set default location for python scripts even tho i havent ever used them yet. B. How can i make the best use of two screens. C. How can i optimize Blender or my Lappy to handle in incoming stress. And D. Seeing as i know that i cant do the intense stuff such as animating or rendering hardcore shots, what can i do/generate to make use of once the new toaster is finnished.


I can offer some help for these questions:

A - The default location for scripts - Blender install directory/.blender/scripts. A typical windows install might look like the following:
C:\Program Files\Blender.blender\scripts

D - The best advice here would be to NOT use ray tracing. I have inadvertently toasted a hard drive on a laptop due to excessive heat, and decided to resurrect an old PC and use Ubuntu.

Best of Luck!