Return to position?

How can I get an object to return to a certain position automatically in the Game Engine. I want an object to rotate and move up while a button is pressed and then return to it’s original rotation when the button is released. Any Ideas on how to do this?

Your not the only one who ran into the same problem…

The only thing that comes to my mind is to use python. Declare three variables, one for x position, y position and z position. Then, add the key listener, do your motion. Add the key not pressed, link it to this python. The python would also have to have to set the x, y, and z of the object. I suggest you check out this link:

What you could do, is create a animation, then play it back with flipper chosen. When you let go of the object, it will move back to the start of the animation. If you want to actually make the object move until you let go, that is going to be a little harder and I imagine python will be required.