Return to previous 2.53 Operator Panel info?

The answer to this is probably NO, but I’ll ask anyway just in case I haven’t stumbled across the solution yet.

When you add a new object, the Operator Panel displays various options. What if you either make changes or leave things as they are, but then move on to something else completely. Then you want to tweak the previously added object. Is there a way to make the options display again in the Operator Panel?

I can image using something like the Bolt Script. There would be a pretty high possibility you might not tweak the bolt or nut exactly right immediately after adding it and would want to make additional tweaks later via the Operator Panel. It would be very helpful to move the bolt or nut to the location it will be used at in relation to other objects before tweaking, but as soon as you move it the Add Bolt options are gone.

If you don’t get it right the first time, are you just out of luck?


it would be nice to do that, but AFAIK you can’t.

yeah - I don’t think you can do this
but you can press F3 to bring up the history panel - and then choose the same operation
it will use the same settings as the last time you used the tool and therefore bring up the same values in the operator panel

it’s not a solution but I hope it helps

When I add a bolt and move on to do something else then press F3 and select Add Bolt, a new bolt gets added, but there are no Add Bolt values in the Operator Panel. Even if there were options shown, they would only be for the original added bolt, so that is not a solution.

If you add a bolt and tweak it while the options are still shown then sometime later use F3 to create another bolt, it will be the original bolt, not the tweaked version.

A perfect solution to this would be to include a “Bolt Modifier” directly within the Bolt Script so when you create a bolt the Bolt Modifier would then be available at any time to tweak the bolt however you want, as many different times as you want. If this can be done for the Bolt script, then it could/should also be done for all others including the objects in the Add menu that aren’t usually thought of as a script.

Being able to tweak any added object at any time according to the original Operator Panel Options would be a gigantic/major improvement. Is this possible?

How do big name 3D programs do it?


works for me - I’m using the svn