Returning and learning to model properly

2.5 years ago I had made a couple of projects in Blender, and then my computer died and I lost all interest in redoing it all. Now after time passed I began with the tutorials again. I am concentrating on learning to model, and having my husband hand me some household object and try to model it - this is a tea strainer I am working on. I only have one render, thus far with the lid completed.
I have yet to paint the texture on it. I am including the reference photo so I can get a critique on how to improve my modeling.
Any advise or comments on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.


Well, the material right now looks like porcelain – it’s got a bit too much specularity and a lack of roughness – and you don’t have a screen yet – but in general I think you’ve got the topology of the object done very nicely. :+1:

Very interesting exercise. Looking forward to your finished scene of “kitchen objects.”