Returning to blender after traumatic brain injury

After recovering from a traumatic brain injury around 2006,i noodled a bit with blender and found i didn’t really know what i was doing.having been a longtime blender user since dunno 2.08 or 2.10 .
i was really good with it at that time.i was known as the chrome master rixter66,on elysiun.
losing those abilities was harsh for me as i was an accomplished artist with oils,pencil etc.
it was indeed a long road back.i have lurked here on and off for a few years.and learned a great deal.
it is only because of blenders progress and the user base that i am able to once again harness my artistic side.i have a couple projects in the works,thanks to countless tutorials,i found a way around the learning issues.thanks to my old friend Blengine.for giving me a helping hand now and again.I bought the master car modelling tutorial as a thank you.and Thanks to the blender dev team,just truly astounding work.anyway just a bit about me.nothing fancy.if i comment on your work,it is from experience.Hoping for a push in the right don’t hesitate to let me know when i am moving the wrong way! thanks.hi Bart!


This community is great, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your story. I tend to think Blender will be one of the early historical examples of the huge humanistic upsides of the tech revolution. I think we are seeing just the beginning of a fundamentally new community / learning / exploration dynamic at this scale. See ya around!

The most amazing thing about the human brain is that “the damned thing works at all.” The second is its amazing ability to recover.

We pray for your continued progress.

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