Returning to Eragon - Looking for a Team

(Daniel) #1

I’ll return to make this much needed Eragon reboot of the terrible CGI live action film of the book, by Mr. Christopher Paolini.

I have asked for permission to make this movie to him on Twitter, where I asked which versions he’d like to watch.

For the project, I have gotten a Discord server for the team that is interested in this 3D verdion of Eragon. It’ll follow closely with the book, like previously I asked for assistance.

The Discord server link will be given to those interested in the project. I only ask for twenty four people, not attempting to have the whole community to help me. That is just greedy of someone who’s trying to make a single movie with that amount of people.

I need ten voice actors, two environment makers, a musician, six people to help with models, someone for lighting, rendering, compositing, and an editor to help editing the film’s final look.

So, I really want to make this film for Christopher Paolini and the world. So much that I am soon having a mouthful of water, but not like into building a studio of 120 people because they need to work on their own projects. I get that. Nothing in life can be the expected and unexpected.

I would like to see if anyone’s interested in helping and joining me on the returned reboot to the Inheritance Cycle’s movie screen. This is a big dream of mine since watching that horrible CGI movie.

Enough of my rambling mouth. Send me a message if you’re interested, though, and I’ll provide you with the Discord link.

(Jerzy Górski) #2

How do you manage to make 4 movies at once?
there were already Space wars, Ancient Dinosaur, and Spyro?
Did you find anyone to work for you?

(Daniel) #3

No. I discarded those movies in favors of this one. I just forgot to remove the posts.

(FinalBarrage) #4

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(FinalBarrage) #5