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yeah i used to have blender a while back, and i got a new computer and decided to use it again, and saw the whole open source thing that happened… i was wondering, where are the downloads? there is the link to the elysiun page, then that links to the 2.3 non-publisher, where could i find 2.3 publisher? is there even one? (i heard 2.5 was buggy so i wasnt sure). thanks ahead of time

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The downloads are on in the downloads section.

(verylost) #3

yeah the downloads button links to the elysiun page, and that links to other pages… is there an ‘official’ download page? also, i didnt see blender publisher 2.3 in any of the three listed sites, is there a publisher 2.3?

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Go into download setcion.

I think your looking for Publisher 2.25, the official one is there too.

(ray_theway) #5
This is the direct download link. In case you don’t know, is now the official web site for the further development of open source blender. From there, you can download Blender Publisher 2.25. If you want Blender Creator 2.23, I believe it is still available at certain sites such as this:

There is no Blender Publisher 2.23. When Publisher was released, it jumped to version 2.25. Does that make sense?

Glad to see you’re back with Blender. :wink:

(theeth) #6

There is actually a Publisher 2.23 (I think Publisher started with version 2.20 or something like this), but before 2.24, the only difference between Publisher and Creator was blend file compressing, locking and signing.