reuse model (newbie)

I am very green with blender. I have used Animation Master in the past, and I am looking in blender to be able to reuse a model. How is this done in blender? For example, I have an object I have created and now I want to position 3 copies of it, but if I need to make a change to it later (reshape it) it will update the copies?

I have been using duplicate, but it doesn’t seem to reference the original. I think I am missing something obvious.


I swear I looked though the documentation, and search here before I posted. However, as soon as I did, I noticed “duplicate linked”

Seem to do the job. I guess I was looking for something like a ‘cast’ I could select objects from. Does such an animal exist in blender?

Shift+D makes a normal duplicate. Alt+D makes a copy that will update whenever any of the other’s are changed.


I don’t know if you’ve already figured it out, but if you already duplicated them all then you can still link them. Just select them, hit ctrl+l and select “mesh data”. Now when you edit one, they all change :smiley: