Reusing a rig

I did a quick search but couldn’t really find any help. I am using some mocap data from All of the .bvh mocap files use the same armature, so I imported a .bvh file, rigged up a character with the armature, and everything works great. It’s just a walk cycle and the character follows along with the mocap data fine. But this is my question: If I import another .bvh file, there is a new armature that is identical to the first one. Is there anyway to transfer that motion data from the new armature to the armature that my character is already rigged with? They are identical armatures, so I would assume I wouldn’t have to re-rig my character with the same armature again.

Sorry about the somewhat lengthy post and I hope it’s not too confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:


You could use the copy rotation and copy location constraints on the corresponding bones on the rig that deforms your mesh . Or you could import the succeeding bvh data as empties and use the track to or IK constraint targets …

If I understand well Discord, that´s what Actions are for. If the armatures are identical they can share actions from the action editor. The animation is stored in the action editor.
You can mix actions or bake several ones into a new one in the NLA editor.

Alright. I’m pretty new to the animation in blender so I will look into the action editor. Thank you!