Reusing data

How do i erase all the nla strips channels to get a clean document keeping the actions for the objects? I need to reuse my character in a new video, and dunno how to do it, when i link it to a new file it imports all the nla data too, and i can´t clean it completly, just some strips, not the channels…
Would be great some tut on how to manage the data in blender to reuse it. some good recommendation???
thank you

There’s appending and linking:

thanx egan i ve already seen that but it does not fix my problem. Maybe i was not clear in my problem:
I want to import just the mesh and the armature, without all the animations i had in my other file… would be good if i can just import the actions but not the nla strips disposed in the channels…

hey i ve fixed it in a dirty way, i thought there might be some cleaner way to do it but it seems like i was wrong; i ve imported the objects and then manually erased all the nla strips and channels that i didn´t want to use; Problem: it has erased all my actions. Some clues for what i need to do??? I want to import my actions but not the nla strips!!!

I’ve never done this, but perhaps you can use the newer “Pose Library” feature. What I saw in the release notes (2.47?) is you can basically “save” actions to an armature… attaching them as data to the object or whatever. Perhaps then when you merge the armature into your new .blend file, the pose library will come with it and then you can apply whichever actions you need in the new .blend file.

Here’s the pose library stuff I saw. Came out in May with v 2.46. I don’t know if you save the pose library inside the data for armature/object, or to a separate sort of library file or data node inside of a .blend. It looks like you attach the pose library to the armature, and since you can merge/link armatures between .blend files, you should be able to merge/link pose libraries. You should at least be able to get enough from this to key a new action based on your original. I can’t wait to learn how to use this stuff.

I couldn’t find pose libraries in the wiki.