[REV/SHARE]First-Time Game Developer Looking For Artists for Wave Based Shooter

(Netherman555) #1

Hello everyone. I’m Alex Jay. Recently, I began the development of a simple wave based shooter game built in Unreal Engine 4. After a little while of doing this, I realized that I don’t have the artistic talent in blender to do this on my own. As such, I’m looking to construct a team that will help me create this game.

Description of the Game:
The game (I haven’t decided on a title as of yet) is a wave based shooter where the character (you) explores fights against a near constant stream of enemies, setting up traps and upgrading weapons, grenades, traps, and everything else in order to continue to fight the increasingly deadly enemies.

The main way that this differentiates from other wave based shooters is that while it may seem very straightforward at first, with seemingly nothing hidden, it actually contains a storyline that only becomes apparent after a little bit of digging. On top of this, the more you play, the more secrets become available, some for only a single round. The constant addition of these secrets will (hopefully) bring players back after each update, and keep them guessing about what’s going on.

Game Plan:
The main plan I currently have for the development of the game is to create and release a very simplistic Alpha to release, and then release updates that fix bugs and the like as we go on. To help support the game during this time, we will have donations made available so that revenue can be made without having to make people pay for glitchy, unfinished games. This will also help us gauge the interest of the community, as well as the audience that we end up targeting.

Once enough money is made and there is enough interest, we will likely join Steam Greenlight and other similar applications to get more definitive data and release our game onto a more popular program.

What Kind Of Positions are Open:
Currently, the plan is to form a team of 5 (including myself), that will have equal representation and will recieve 1/5th of all revenue. However, if you’re not listed on the list of people that I currently know I need, feel free to PM me about whatever talents you may have, as I am not opposed to admitting more people if they have useful skills.

I am currently looking for the following positions:

  • Modeler (must know how to do humanoid shapes)
  • Texturer
  • Rigger/Animator
  • Person with reasonable experience in UE4 (I will be able to handle some of this, however my knowledge is always needing to be expanded.)

I want to make it very clear that you do NOT need to be adept at any of these positions. I am simply looking for someone that is willing to go upon a project that will be a huge learning experience for me, and potentially all of us.

What Risks Are There?
Luckily enough, there aren’t any risks for you guys involved except for the possibility that the game may not reach completion. I will not be asking for any of you to invest money in this project, I will cover any expenses that I can (although that’s not much), and if we end up requiring more, we may have to apply for crowd-funding or use money that is potentially earned by donations.

How Do I Apply?
There are currently two ways to apply:

  • PM me here, and I will conduct an ‘interview’ of sorts (Not Recommended)
  • Join the Discord (https://discord.gg/C6dAGWN), where I will conduct an actual interview (Recommended).

Thank anyone who decides to join, and as always, happy blendering.

(Bowedpath) #2

sending PM, i would like to help with 3D modelling. sounds like plants vs. zombies XD

(LordVoldemort99) #3

I am joining your discord, sounds cool!