[rev share] [lfs] technical artists

Hello everyone, I am Togay and with my team we are making Adanath. Adanath is an epic side scroller action adventure powered by Unreal Engine. It is very much a fantasy/mythological vibe. We are working on a demo .We are looking for a team mate who can lead the 3D department about creating workflow between Blender and Unreal.

Our goal is to complete the demo level in 2 months (you may see the progress at the link) . With the demo we are going to activate the Steam Page and we are going to run a Kickstarter campaign (they have been approved) .

Responsibilities :

  • Creates or customize the workflows, pipelines.
  • Help to the department at creating game ready assets
  • Will lead the 3D department about tasking and testing
  • Import the assets to engine and test it for enough for expectations
  • Work closely with 3D artists,concept artists and project manager


  • Can use Unreal and knows (willing to learn) about the worklows between these 2 tools
  • Has knowledge or willing to learn how to create game ready assets
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Problem solver , willing to teach the experiences

You may watch the lastest ingame video here https://youtu.be/eZ8JIs55vRc

Here is some of our existing work to show off our progress, style and game design document

**Please message via discord togaykurtulus#6063
Thank you