[Rev-Share] Looking for a Character Modeler and an Animator

We are (informally known as) Frost Phoenix Studio and we are recruiting 4 new members to our our current game dev team. We are searching for a Concept Artist, an Animator, a Lore Writer and a Character Modeler.


  •      <b>Concept Artist</b>

We are searching for an Artist with experience in environmental and architectural art. Experience in Cyberpunk and SciFi are preferred, but not necessary.

  •      <b>Character Modeler</b>

We are searching for a Modeler, responsible for modeling player and NPC models. Rigging skills are required. Animation and texturing skills are preferred, but not necessary.

  •      <b>Animator</b>

We are searching for an Animator, responsible for animating characters and enemy models.

  •      <b>Lore Writer</b>

We are searching for a Lore Writer, capable of writing an engaging and intriguing game story. Experience in game writing are preferred, but not necessary.

· PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We’re developing a story-driven puzzled 2.5D platformer in a Stealth genre.
Imagine The Last Guardian meeting Mark of the Ninja in an episode of Blade Runner.
A beautifully visualised stealth-based and story-driven 2.5D platformer, that keeps this genre alive and well, and will make you cancel all of your appointments to continue playing and help Kyo rescue her friends.

· COMPENSATION: This is a Rev-Shared project. All members will be compensated fairly.

· TEAM: There are currently 12 members working on this project, all coming from all over the globe. We use Discord as our main platform for communication. There is also our potential publisher’s representative present in our server, to oversee the progress.

· ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: In order to join our crew, you must also be self-confident, self-initiative, and able to follow a weekly schedule. You can choose your own weekly tasks and the pace you work with. You need to be comfortable with communicating through voice chat and participating in weekly general meetings. We also expect our members to solve their own problems with the help of other members. This is why you must also be prepared to help a fellow member in any way you can. We don’t require our members to always be jolly, but we do not accept any SJWs and other people that can’t take a good joke, because we just can’t help ourselves.

Because we are on a 2-month deadline to present a vertical slice of the game to our potential publisher, we are only taking serious candidates.
If you are interested in joining us, or even if you’re just interested in our game, please make sure to contact me here, or on:
Discord – Tilen M. #9751
Email –
[email protected]

PS: If you happen to know of anyone who might be interested, please share the following image with him/her: