(Rev share) Modular asset pack UE4

I as experienced level-designer would like to cooperate with a 3d (+2d) artist to make a modular hard-surface 3d asset set/pack for the use in Unreal4 for sale.
The workload would be shared between us in the following order:

  1. we both agree on the scope, content, standards and features of the set, assuring re-usability, modularity, and easy modification esp. for materials
  2. you build the assets (2d and 3d)
  3. I combine these assets in Unreal for different use-cases, applications, environment-settings and demonstrate how to modify them to the buyers needs, create different examples.

We share the revenue from online sales 50:50%

About me and you:

As I have been working with Unreal an in indie teams for many years, I know what the community needs but also expect a certain level of professionalism from the partner. So please apply only if you know you’re trade, have portfolio, can work organised and spend min. 10-15 hours per week for the project for several weeks.

Here more info about me:

Mapping & 3D Portfolio/Examples:

Architectural visualisation video: https://youtu.be/azO1C9Hqt0g

Game-level video: “Valley of the Elves”: https://youtu.be/SXsfhxFaHYk

More details/capabilities of me:

My self-made speedtree-nursery (still growing):