[Rev Share] NE Studios Looking for Artist and Animator!

Hi all!

We’re a team of 7 lovely people from around the world, with a couple games in development currently, the first one, Atlas Sentry, being very close to launch, and our second title, RatnGat is also close, but we decided to expand upon our original concept because we feel it has a lot more potential.

So with a more ambitious concept, we need additional members, mainly a 3d Character artist, Environment Artist, and Animator.

We need a character artist to, of course, model and texture characters, as well as additional skins, and bonus content like hats, weapon skins etc., and we have a lot of environments to create as well.

What we would expect of an artist:


  • Able to hand paint textures
  • Able to match our art style
  • Experience with digital sculpting a +
  • If you can rig and animate that is a huge ++++++


  • Able to create facial rigs with a good range of expressions, but doesn’t have to be too complex
  • Experience with Unity Mecanim

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you, you can reach me at: [email protected]

Rat n’ Gat

An example of one of our rats :3

Here’s the current level in RatnGat, we plan to make a much bigger arena, but the art style will be the same.