[Rev Share] Nervure Studios is looking for a few good artists...

We are a team of 8 dedicated to creating a game with the unreal development kit that will bring together the intense frenetic shooting and cooperation of traditional zombie games combined with the elements of an RTS with a player commander who can direct the zombies.

We’ve all seen the point of view of humans during a zombie apocalypse. from Left 4 dead to dead rising, the human viewpoint has been explored everywhere. But the zombie viewpoint has been relatively sparse.

We are specifically looking for concept artists who want to shape the art style of this game. Although additional 3d artists are welcome to apply

Main Thread: http://forums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=801477

Compensation will be done by sales when the game is finished

Concept Artist 1 Open
Needs to be able to visualize and create concept art to guide the rest of the art team

Texture Artist 1 Open
Responsible for being able to create uvmaps with detailed textures

General Modeler 1 Open
Responsible for modeling general objects, including but not limited to: Weapons, Map objects, characters. Also should be able to UVMap and texture models