[Rev-Share] Team looking for more Artists!


We are NE Studios, a small but growing indie dev team. We are currently looking for all types of artists to join the team and work our multiple projects.

We have one shipped title currently on Android, called Atlas Sentry, and we also have 3 more projects currently in development, all for mobile platforms.

Atlas Sentry on SlideDB: https://www.slidedb.com/games/atlas-sentry

Artist Positions:

UI Artist


  • Excellent skills in Photoshop or other image editing software
  • Experience with Illustrator or other vector graphic programs
  • Experience creating particle systems and other animations for UI
  • Ability to create high quality vector graphic images
  • knowledge of implementing the UI within Unity is a plus

2D Artist


  • Able to digital paint concepts and promotional art
  • Able to create vector graphics using a program like Illustrator
  • Experience working with 2d graphics inside Unity
  • Ability to animate 2d graphics

3D Animator


  • Experience animating in Blender
  • Experience creating character rigs from scratch
  • Experience creating facial rigs for characters
  • Experience with Unity’s Mecanim animation system

3D Artist


  • Able to hand-paint textures for a stylized look
  • Experience with digital scultping and creating normal maps
  • Able to create game-ready assets that are well optimized
  • Knowledge of rigging and skinning a character is a plus
  • Knowledge of creating shaders for Unity is a plus

About NE Studios:

We are a relatively new, small team of passionate game devs from all around the world. We have shipped one title so far, currently available for Android and coming soon to iOS, called Atlas Sentry.
We enjoy creating fantasy and stylize/cartoony games that are packed with a lot of action. Currently we are focusing on a variety of different smaller scale mobile games.

The kind of games we really want to make are RPGs, 3D platformers, and online multiplayer games. For now, we started with mobile arcade-like games and fun runners, and puzzle games because they are small scope, although we are still very passionate about them too!

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Art Reference

i think i can help you in 3D works like modelling, rigging, animating in maya and unity3d.
you can see a sample of my modelling, rigging and animation works at this link:

full of my last 3d animation in an android game:

check out my other games at:

this is my portfolio:

please contact me via email:
[email protected]