Revamped FaceBuilder for Blender

Hi all! We’ve just released new KeenTools 2.1.0 with the revamped FaceBuilder for Blender!

For the last months we’ve been working hard on the FaceBuilder to make it even easier to use. Until recently, you needed photos shot with a single camera and same settings which you later had to set up in plugin manually. Now you just load your photos and start modeling! FaceBuilder will set up the focal length and the sensor size for each photo automatically. This all works with non-neutral facial expressions, it’s packed with the user-friendly interface rebuilt from scratch and new texture extraction algorithms!

Among many other things that means, you have an even better start point for a likeness-sculpting project!

Download the upgraded FaceBuilder: And yes, there are 15 days of free fully-functional trial!

We hope you’ll like this release! Please let us know what you think! :slight_smile: