Reveal File Location In Explorer <--- where is this option?

Am I crazy or is there no way to simply tell Blender to reveal the location of an image file I’m using in a texture in Windows?

In C4D I frequently do this (which I would like to replicate in Blender)

  1. Rreveal the file location in Explorer/Finder
  2. Open the file in Photoshop, edit the file, save…
  3. Refresh in C4D, done.

Is there a workflow for this in Blender?

Judging by the tooltip if you hold Alt while clicking that button it’d even open the OS file explorer for you. Though for me on Linux it only opens the directory without focusing on the file. YMMV.

Plus, if you have the paths set up in preferences, you can open the image in the Image Editor and from there go Image -> Edit Externally and it’d open it in hoptoshop/gimp for you.


Hey man thanks for this! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I didn’t get the notification for some reason.

This should save me a lot of time, cheers!