Reveal hidden ruins your selection. Any way to toggle?

If you hide parts of your mesh in order to make a selection, that selection is not kept when you reveal hidden.

Is there a toggle for that hidden (pun intended) somewhere?

  • strategically make new vertex groups with selected vertices so you can recall selections later

  • use the “selection checkbox” in the hide menu that pops up when hiding/unhiding

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Wow, was this even expanded by default now? They used to be minimized by default so that they were even more difficult to see…

The above menu no longer shows up in my version of Blender… not sure why… so I had to go on the internet and search again and found a solution… it’s so illogical that this is another thing I probably have to do an internet search for every time I get stuck on it (and I will next time I get a new PC).

So this recently stopped working and the corner menu (which was expanded by default a few versions ago) is also just gone.



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thanks for that tip.