This is my first semi-serious model (I’m verrry new to blender), a spaceship (duh!) and as my first real effort, it’s run into some snags. Among many things wish I could do is to fix the geometry a bit and “un-extrude” the little wings on the weapons pylons.

Does anyone know how to do that?:confused:

Anyway, pics-

It’s color-coded right now, no textures or anything yet. The interior edge of the pylons is all screwy, too.

Big mess o’ weapons. PEW! PEW!

Actually, another way that might work is if you could take free-floating vertices and link to to form a cap. You know, like take four points or more and make a plane out of it?:confused:
I hope that make sense.

Anyway, comment and stuff.

Looking good so far. As for your issue just delete the vertices you don’t want, select the vertices that you want to form a new face, and make face. It’s tough without more details but I hope that helps. If not post a wireframe of the problem.

I dont think the wings look to bad, but if you want to remove them just delete the verticies and fill the hole in by using the F key (select 4 verticies and press F, or two opposite edges and press F)

I dont like the mass array of guns in the front, either make the actual guns different, and more cooler, or imo the best thing would be to add 2 massive front gun batteries!!! whoooo lol

It worked!

More pics to come later.

Is this what you had in mind?

Btw, what’s up with the dark patches. The little ones near the bottom blue. They aren’t shadows (to my knowledge) and the tend to show up mysteriously when I’m rendering.

They are usually where two faces are sharing the same area or maybe you have the face’s normal flipped in the wrong direction.