Revenge of the Bollards

Dear Mr Motorist, please don’t drive in the bus only lane:



Don’t they understand the meaning of ‘bus only lane’?

It was funny how they tried to follow the bus.

I’m sick of these stupid road devices. Yeah maybe they shouldn’t use the bus lane but there shouldn’t be a bus lane. We all have to get places so why prioritize the buses?

Things that can happen on a bus:

you can get blown up
you can get seated next to an asshole
you can be subjected to smokers
you can sit on chewing gum

Just because I don’t want these things doesn’t mean I should be penalized for choosing an alternate form of transport.

It’s not just annoying, these measures are dangerous. You’ll notice how the people in the van went to check on their kids. I mean what if that collision had broken a child’s neck. Is it really worth it to give stupid buses a better route?

It’s the same with those damn pavements that block one side of the road. They are designed to slow traffic down to 20 mph - a totally unreasonable speed. Everybody goes at 30 mph when they get past them so all they do is force safe drivers into oncoming traffic. One of them actually stops drivers leaving a village so it makes them overtake into traffic slowing down from 50-60 mph.

The video is funny but it makes me mad the measures that the people running this country take to ensure the slightest misdemeanor isn’t committed when they don’t seem to give a damn about far more serious matters.

This is completely nuts and it’s very dangerous for the people. Gee, I would rather see a camera taking a snapshot and then sending a bill to the driver rather then see his car wrecked and risk injury!
Oh, and I have a scooter right now so that doesnt prevent them from taking those lanes but I don’t live in the city so that doesnt concern me (ie, no heavy traffic nor big cities, It’s more like rural suburbs so those wacky crazy traffic contraptions are not installed over here)